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Cold again… Time to update hardware February 11, 2014

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Yeah, I don’t mean computer hardware, I leave that to the geek. I’m talking about the ugly builder grade gold door knobs and fixtures. I don’t have any before pictures because really, everyone knows what those tacky gold, I can’t even look at them, knobs look like. I used a copper first coat in case it did wear off the copper, not gold would show through, which is what the new(ish) hand rubbed bronze fixtures look like. Anyway, first (thin) spray paint coat of copper, then two coats of rustoleum oil rubbed bronze coats. The key is to clean, then rough up ( use steel wool or a very very light sand paper) you don’t want to make grooves, just rough it up a bit. I then wiped clean with alcohol. Applied 3 thin coats of spray paint beginning with copper and two coats of the bronze. Let dry completely between coats and let the finished pieces sit a day or two just to be sure they are dry. I love how they came out and now, well you know, I have to do all them!




Learning to really bake – recipe 4 February 6, 2014

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Another pretty creation. I added one chopped honey crisp apple to the topping. Yeah, I’m not suppose to be adjusting the recipes, that’s what has gotten me i to trouble with my baking in the past, but it could not resist adding apples to this streusel. Is it me, or what? Either way it was delicious!



Another storm, another craft February 5, 2014

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Ok now this weather is just funny. 6″ of snow Saturday and 6″ more today! So I used my new chalkboard paint to make jars for my herbs, cause I know one day it will be time to garden… No matter what that stupid groundhog thinks!
Here’s what I did. I used jelly jars, taped them with painters tape and painted 3 light coats of chalkboard paint, switching directions with each coat. The lids were black so I didn’t paint the sides, but I did paint the tops the same as the jars, 3 light coats switching directions with each coat. I will put the names of the herbs on the jar and the date on the lids. How adorable are these?




The pretty side of winter February 4, 2014

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It is so easy to get tired of this winter weather, The arctic freeze, the daily snow, the snow storms, and then a day like yesterday. A sunny, mid 20s beautiful winter day when you can see the animal’s tracks in the snow and the bright red cardinals and the birds are singing. Crazy beautiful.




Polar vortex round three January 30, 2014

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Ok so this weather is absurd, and it proved itself today when the temperature hit 20F and it felt, well, kind of nice. What?! Yep, that’s how it works, I went out today without my car doing the little uh, uh, okay I’ll start noise and felt like, oh this fresh air feels good. When I got home I opened the sliding door to let some fresh air in the house. So funny what and how fast we get use to things. Hmmm, why can’t I quit smoking quickly? A question for another day, soon!
Anyway, during the deep freeze I did get some things done while trapped. I reorganized all the travel books, photo books, all the mementos collected ( I collect business cards from restaurants and places we have been, brochures, maps, you know the stuff) I put the brochures, cards and ticket stubs in the photo books along with an envelope of receipts ( i like to look back at what things cost, not sure why but it’s fun to see how things change and the prices in different locations).


I also took some of the maps and cut out the areas we explored and made this awesome wall in the foyer. It turned out better than I thought, and we know that rarely happens. I left some space to grow, which of course just makes me want to plan a trip. It will have to be somewhere warm of course as I just read the forecast that 3-5 inches of snow are expected this weekend. It just keeps happening likes this, super crazy cold, day or two of “warm” weather, couple inches of snow, then back to the deep freeze. I guess it’s okay since I have lots of projects in the hopper so maybe I need polar vortex 4 to get them done.



PIZZA January 29, 2014

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I made this delicious sauce from roasted red peppers, tomato paste, herbs, s&p and some olive oil. I left it a bit chunky and that worked well with all the other veggies. I will use this sauce again and my mind is already going with other ways to use it; warmed up as a dipping sauce, cold with some sour cream or cream cheese, sandwich spread… Endless.
I used two good sized red peppers, roasted and skinned. I put in a small processor with one small can of tomato paste, herbs (basil and oregano), s&p, and some olive oil and whizzed until I liked the consistency. As I mentioned, I left it a bit chunky but you could purée, add more of this or less of that. I don’t think you can ruin this as the roasted red pepper flavor is so dominantly delicious.


Learning to bake recipe 3 January 23, 2014

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Ta Da. Yep, I made these. Cream puffs filled with almond chocolate cream and topped with dark chocolate crumbs. The recipe made a lot of puffs, granted I made them small. Since the recipe doesn’t include sugar, I want to fill some with tuna salad and chicken salad, maybe half a grape tomato too. Sounds good, right? Now I need to see if I can freeze the unfilled puffs. I am hoping I can as it would be nice to have those on hand for a quick appetizer. They look good, which is what I am aiming for.